I am a results oriented filmmaker, taking seemingly impossible situations and creating films, content and more. Through many years working within the lighting department as a gaffer and lighting director, I have learned high end lighting and production techniques that I apply to the work I create, while remaining an efficient use of resources. As a camera operator and director of photography, I have learned ways of moving the camera in unique and efficient ways to capture what’s most important; performance of the subject and working within the means of the environment. 

As an editor, visual fx artist and colorist of music videos, short films, feature films and other commercial projects, I work with you on what and how to shoot a project that will make the edit better, and the time on set less. I will help you achieve balance with your image creating a look while leaving room for creativity later. I have completed all projects set in front of me and I won’t give up on yours.  

As a producer and director I have worked on numerous projects and I want to bring my experience to yours, while I learn something new everyday, making me a better filmmaker. I would love to be a creative partner on your next project and hope you’ll reach out to let me be a part of your art.